24 Days of Super Simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas

If you host an elf this time of year, then you are probably familiar with the on going pressure that comes with helping your elf leave the home and return the next day.

Here are 24 super simple elf on the shelf ideas for you to implement using basic items you have at home. No need to be super creative, or spend money to make this tradition magical.

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Items For The Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Most likely, you have everything you need to execute these ideas hanging around your house. Therefore, this should be super easy and inexpensive.

This is everything you will need:

24 Ideas for Elf on the Shelf

Day 1: Elf sitting in Christmas Tree

Day 2: Elf sitting on kitchen counter with opened candy around

Elf on the Shelf ate candy and left the wrappers behind

Day 3: Elf coloring in coloring book via First for Women

Day 4: Elf taped to wall with painters tape held hostage by toys

Day 5: Elf hiding in silverware drawer via Over the Moon

Day 6: Elf hiding in tree with note to donate toys to receive more

Elf on the shelf left a note to donate toys to get more back.

Day 7: Elf lounging in a shoe

Day 8: Elf sitting with a marker and minion faces drawn on bananas via The Pragmatic Parent

Day 9: Elf driving a toy car/truck

Day 10: Elf inside refrigerator door wrapped in wash cloth

Day 11: Elf in a standoff with toys

Day 12: Elf “going to the bathroom” – sitting on a cup with chocolate chips on the bottom via Buzzfeed

Day 13: Elf making a snow angel with flour via The Pragmatic Parent

Day 14: Elf reading a book via My Mommy Style

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Day 15: Elf wearing Band-Aids next to Band-Aid box

Day 16: Elf stuck inside an upside down cup in the cupboard via Elf on the Shelf Adventures

Day 17: Elf hiding inside a roll of toilet paper

Day 18: Elf sitting in a wreath or wall hanging

Day 19: Elf putting a puzzle together

Day 20: Elf sleeping inside tissue box with cotton ball as tissue

Elf on the shelf sleeping in a kleenex box
Elf taking a nap

Day 21: Elf playing with Lego’s

Day 22: Elf sitting in a light fixture

Day 23: Elf in stocking headfirst with legs peeking out

Day 24: Elf left and wrote out good-bye with marshmallows

Elf on the Shelf wrote out goodbye in marshmallows

Put These 24 Super Simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas to Use Tonight

There you have it, super simple ideas to make your life a lot easier. Because as much fun as the Elf is for the kids, let’s face it, it’s just one more thing we have to remember each day…

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Now, if you enjoy this whole Elf on the Shelf thing, you can find some really creative ideas here:

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How do you make Elf on the Shelf easy, yet magical for your family?

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