The Ultimate Sanity Saving Guide for Moms During Covid-19

If your a mom right now in the world of Covid-19, you have a lot on your plate.

You might be homeschooling after telling yourself a million times that you would never do it.

You might be managing ALL of your kids being home when you are used to to the hustle and bustle of carpooling kids from here to there.

You may be stuck home with a baby and have major cabin fever.

Or maybe you’re so worried about the future and how all of this will play out.

Well, I’ve got you covered. I’ve created the ultimate sanity saving guide for you right now.

Over 30 moms share their tips on how to stay sane during this unprecedented time in history.

This guide gives you practical tips and advice in the following areas:

  • Daily Routines + Schedules
  • Things To Do With Kids + Homeschooling
  • Working From Home
  • Productivity
  • Self-Care
  • Health + Safety
  • Cleaning

You will find almost 40 blog posts below to help you out. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Sanity Saving Guide for Moms During Covid-19

Daily Routines + Schedules

Daily Routines For Kids When School Is Out

Learn how to get kids into a routine so that you can get things done and stay sane.

Shared by Busy Mom Smart Mom

How To Schedule Your Child’s Day When Stuck At Home

Learn about block scheduling and how it can provide the structures your kids need, while giving them flexibility.

Shared by Mama’s Organized Chaos

Why You Should Start A Quiet Time + How To Do It

This post is a good reminder that in times of overwhelm, we need to focus our attention on who God is and spend time in His Word and in prayer.

Shared by Mama’s Mornings

Our Simple Extended Spring Break Schedule

Check out this simple but flexible home school schedule. Plus, some additional advice for staying focused and less stressed while schooling at home.

Shared by Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams

How To Time Block Your Schedule As A Stay-at-Home Mom

Learn how time blocking your day can lead to feeling more in control and productive as a mom. Includes 4 steps you need to take today to time block your schedule.

Shared by This Routine Life

Things To Do With Kids + Homeschooling

Memories With Kids Made Easy For Busy Moms

It’s important to remember these are the days your children will look back on, and we can keep things simple yet meaningful. Learn how to make these memories last a lifetime.

Shared by Mama Lyssa

10 Unique Homeschool Schedules From Veteran Homeschool Moms

Ten veteran homeschool moms share their daily schedules and how to make homeschooling work for you.

Shared by Organized Home School

Fun Educational Activities For Kids To Do At Home

Check out this round up of fun educational activities for kids to do at home!

Shared by Angie Cruise

21 Easy Home Toddler Activities You Can Do During Covid-19

Twenty-one activities to keep your toddler busy using things you have around your house.

Shared by Mombling

Top 15 Fun + Engaging Activities For Kids To Do At Home

Do at home engagement strategies for kids that are fun and will help with family bonding.

Shared by Momilove

Stay At Home Learning Survival Guide

Learn how to enjoy the moments with your children while working from home.

Shared by Parent Whisperer

10 Funny Things Kids Say

Learning to have a sense of humor, especially in the middle of overwhelm is an important mom skill! Here are 10 funny quotes by kids to help brighten your day.

Shared by Not A Fancy Mama

How To Homeschool And Work From Home

Tips, tricks and resources from a seasoned, Montessori trainer homeschooler who works with moms building a business around their family.

Shared by Jojoebi

Fun Indoor Activities To Do At Home With Kids

Fun activities to do with kids at home with your baby and/or toddler so you aren’t stressing about what to do next.

Shared by Fit Mommy Strong

35 Websites and Shows For Young Kids

The websites help kids spark their curiousity, learn about history, practice their literary skills, and read and watch a ton of educational content. TV shows are from Netflix, Disney+ and PBS.

Shared by This Routine Life

10 Proven ways to Motivate your Child

Are you struggling to encourage your child’s learning? Check out these 10 tips to help motivate and inspired your child to learn.

Share by It’s a Mommy Thing

Working From Home

How To Work From Home With Kids

If you are feeling overwhelmed as a working mama, check out these tips on how to stay productive at work while ensuring your kids still feel loved.

Shared by Cheers To Life

Stay-at-Home Mom Side Hustles of 2020

Great ideas for stay-at-home moms to generate an income in this uncertain time.

Shared by Millennial Mama

15 Small Office Design Ideas That Will Make You More Productive

Learn how to set up a dedicated work space using a bedroom, closet, or just the kitchen table.

Shared by The Pat At Home Parent

Working From Home With Kids

Great tips for working from home AND watching kids. Included are activities for every age group, productivity hacks, and an awesome book recommendation on time management.

Shared by A Modern Commonplace Book

12 Work at Home Moms Share Their Daily Routine

Take a look at their daily schedule and how they balance work and family.

Shared by This Routine Life

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How To Be Productive As A SAHM

Forget about trying to “do it all” and focus on doing what matters. Use these 18 productivity tips to help manage your time and find balance in your life.

Shared by No Guide For Mom

5 Minute Productivity Tips For The Procrastinating Mom

Productivity tips for the busy mom who wants to stop procrastinating and get moving. These seven productivity tips can be implemented in 5 minutes or less.

Shared by This Routine Life


Spring Cleaning Soul Edition

Learn how to take care of yourself from the inside out by fostering community and not allowing yourself to sink into isolation.

Shared by The Ford Girls

5 Ways To Calm The Chaos

Learn how to nurture your well-being at this time by calming all the chaos.

Shared by Embrace The Beautiful

How To Find Time For Self-Care As A Busy Stay-at-Home Mom

Helpful tips for stay-at-home moms to reduce the overwhelm and find time to take care of themselves.

Shared by Mommy’s Bundle

How To Stop Worry, Anxiety, Panic: 13 Brilliant Ways To Rewire Your Brain

Check out these 13 actionable steps to reduce stress, worry and anxiety. It also includes a free worry workbook printable and free mindfulness guide that moms can download instantly if they are feeling particularly upset.

Shared by Mindfulmazing

5 Things To Do To Regain Your Sanity

Looking after yourself is important every day, and never more so than when we are under extra stress. Use these tips (while using social distancing) to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

Shared by A Modern Mom’s Life

Stay Sane During Covid-19 Quarantine

Activities and tips for both parents and kids to use to stay sane during the Covid-19 quarantine.

Shared by Saving Mama’s Sanity

Everyday Essentials

Now more than ever it’s critical to keep your strength & sanity up, and these 18 scientifically backed essentials can help you do just that. It also includes a free printable PDF checklist!

Shared by Solutions for Simplicity

38 Mom Hacks That Save Your Sanity

Mom hacks to use when being a mom makes you feel like you’re losing your mind sometimes. There are decluttering hacks, selfcare hacks, planning hacks, and fun hacks.

Shared by This Routine Life

Health + Safety

Protecting Your Newborn From The Coronavirus

Not knowing how to protect your little one during these crazy moments can feel overwhelming. Use these tips to protect your kids from getting sick.

Shared by The Unplanned Tiny Hand

How To Stay Healthy When Everyone Else Around You Is Sick

Simple steps you can take to keep you and your family healthy while everyone around you is sick.

Shared by Coffee, Chaos & Dry Shampoo

7 Activities For Stress Management When You Feel Overwhelmed

Take a few minutes each day to reduce your stress using these activities that will help you calm down and feel more relaxed.

Shared by Healthy Happy Mama

Pregnancy In An Uncertain World

A beautiful letter written to a momma’s unborn child in this uncertain time.

Shared by The Mommy Gang

Parents Guide to Prepare for Coronavirus

What your family can do to be as prepared as possible for Coronavirus.

Shared by Nocturnal Mom

How To Steam Frozen Vegetables

Did you just stockpile bags of frozen vegetables? Do you know how to cook those yummy frozen vegetables? Here is a quick and easy way to cook frozen vegetables for your family tonight.

Shared by Steak and Kale


How To Make Housework Chores Fun + Mindful With Your Kids

You have so much on your plate right now with home schooling, cooking, cleaning, working from home, and comforting your kids during this stressful time. Why not get the children to mindfully engage in daily chores?

Share by Happy Science Mom

8 Effective Ways To Disinfect Your Home

Are you looking for actionable tips to disinfect your home? Learn eight simple DIY tips to keep your home clean and sanitized to protect your loved ones in this critical time.

Shared by Freshoair

The Ultimate Sanity Saving Guide

If you found this helpful, please share with someone else who may need it right now. Also, what tips do you have for keeping sane during Covid-19? Please share in the comments below. Don’t forget to Pin this ultimate guide so you can reference it later!

Use this sanity saving guide to help you get through Covid-19

**Grab your FREE Quick Guide to Lessen Overwhelm + Enjoy Motherhood More! Includes free checklists, a time blocking workbook, 38 mom hacks to save your sanity, plus so much more. Get it here!**

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