Mom Morning Routine That Incorporates Self-Care {Free Morning Routine Checklist}

One of the worst ways to start the day is feeling rushed, and out of control with your kids and time.

This is why I am a HUGE supporter of making time for yourself in the morning, before your kids wake up. Taking this time helps your brain prepare for the wakening of your household.

You might be thinking, “yeah right, I can hardly get out of bed as it is let alone before my kids wake up!” Then check out this helpful post – How To Wake Up Before Your Kids.

Over the last few years, my morning routine has evolved into something that I cannot live without. It’s my favorite routine of my day, and being that it’s first thing in my day, it really creates a positive foundation for the hours after.

I have also worked to incorporate more and more self-care habits into my morning routine. I find when I get these things out of the way first thing in the morning, it creates momentum and confidence to tackle the rest of my day.

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Mom Morning Routine That Includes Self-Care + Free Morning Routine Checklist Printable

What Is The Best Morning Routine?

You will find tons of information out there about what to incorporate into your morning routine, and what is the best morning routine.

Through out the years, I’ve enjoyed reading about how people spend their morning hours. I’m really intrigued by morning routines, specifically how early people wake up and what they accomplish in that timeframe.

When I would try to copy someone else’s routine, it just wouldn’t be sustainable. However, I’ve created my own morning routine through the inspiration and ideas I’ve learned through researching others.

**If you want to feel inspired by the morning routines of other moms, check out The Morning Routine of 14 Moms.**

My advice is that the only morning routine that’s best for you, is the morning routine that you enjoy, gets you out of bed in the morning, and is sustainable.

My morning routine changes on a yearly basis. If you want to check out my 2020 productivity boosting morning routine, you can do so here.

Below, you will find an outline of my most current morning routine.

My Morning Routine That Incorporates Self-Care

4:00 am – Alarm Goes Off

I hit snooze – sometimes multiple times. I usually get out of bed between 4:15 and 4:45 depending on what workout I have planned.

I grab my workout clothes that are laid out on the floor next to my bed and head to the bathroom. I weigh myself and then put on my workout clothes.

I head downstairs and drink about 16 ounces of water, and then put my earbuds in and click on whatever podcast I want to listen to. Most of the time I’m listening to the motivational no B.S. talk of “Losing 100 Pounds With Corrine”

Water Jug that contains a gallon of water

Then I go down in the basement to start my workout. My workout is super simple – 3 days a week I run up and down the stairs for 20 minutes, and two days a week I lift weights for my upper body.

Once my workout is done, I head back up to the kitchen and reward myself with coffee! (Any RHONY fans out there? ;-))

Coffee cup for morning coffee

To reward my brain for finishing the workout, I mark it off on my habit tracker and give myself a mental high five.

5:00 am – Shower

I take my coffee and head upstairs to shower and do my makeup. I leave my hair for later.

I put on comfy clothes and make the bed. Then I head downstairs.

A bedroom with a bed taht is nicely made

6:00 am – Journaling and Reading

This is my favorite time of the morning. I like it so much that I created a little reading nook for myself in our living room.

A chair with a pillow and a lamp and a stool that has books on top to read and write in during the morning routine.

I take 30 minutes to work on myself, and do a little bit of reading.

I always wanted to be someone who journaled regularly, but could never get myself into a consistent routine. After I paid to join a monthly coaching program, I committed to journaling every day to get the most out of the program.

I journal for about 10-15 minutes, sometimes longer if I have a lot going on in my mind.

After that I spend about 5 minutes reading something inspirational or self-helpy…and then I do some leisure reading. Reading brings me so much joy so I make sure to incorporate it into every day.

6:30 am – Kids Wake Up – Help Them Get Ready for School

I head into the kitchen and put out the kids Morning Routine Checklists on the table. This checklist for my kids helps the morning run so smoothly. You can grab this checklist, and one for yourself, for free here.

While waiting for the kids to come downstairs, I warm up some water and lemon with apple cider vinegar for myself. Even though this doesn’t taste great, it helps with my skin, and keeps various illnesses at bay.

Once the kids come downstairs, I make them breakfast, empty the dishwasher, fill out the daily health forms for school, and make lunches.

Mornings at the breakfast table can be rough. I had enough of the sibling fighting, arguing and inappropriate language so I put together the Rewards Chart below. The chart rewards the kids for choosing to have a pleasant morning (making good choices). Things have greatly improved since putting this sytem in place.

Rewards Chart for Kids

7:15 am – Finish Getting Ready

I head upstairs and finish getting ready for the day – brushing my teeth, doing my hair, and getting dressed. And I help the kids with anything they need – specifically doing their hair.

I have a rotating laundry system, so depending on the day, I will grab the appropriate laundry basket and start a load of laundry. I finish the laundry through out the day.

The Morning Routine that Brings Calm to My Busy Day with a picture of a woman sleeping and an alarm clock in front of her.

7:45 am – Head Outside

Everyone has to be ready to go by 7:45 am. I go through the kids Morning Routine Checklist and they receive a star on their Rewards Chart if they finished everything.

The boys get their shoes on and grab their backpacks, jacket and mask, and we go outside.

I like to get some fresh air in the morning, so the boys and I go for a short walk around the block. They usually ride their scooters. This is quality time I spend with the kids before they go to school and we all really enjoy it. If we have time, we kick around the soccer ball or play catch.

8:15 am – Work

After the kids get on the bus, I head back inside, grab another cup of coffee and start working.

I technically consider this the end of my morning routine since from this point forward, my days and routines vary depending on what I have planned.

The Benefits Of This Mom Morning Routine

I intentionally created my morning routine to include self-care habits that I know will get away from me if I don’t do them first thing in the morning.

Exercising, showering, and journaling play a huge role in setting my day up for success. These habits also support my mental health.

I like to get these things done first thing so nothing can interfere. Plus, it feels so good to have so much accomplished before my kids get out of bed!

I’ve created a morning routine that provides me with so much joy, and prepares me for my day. I stick to it no matter how warm and cozy the bed feels when the alarm goes off.

However, not every morning goes exactly as planned. Some mornings I don’t workout, or the boys are running late so we miss our walk. But for the most part, I feel like I’ve had my alone time and I’m ready to face the day once the boys wake up.

What does your morning routine look like? If you could incorporate one self-care act into your morning, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below.

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