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  1. Moms are super humans. The love they show and all they do for their family and children goes beyond and above our own limited abilities! It is so important for every woman and mother to make the time to take a break now and again. Fill yourself up so you can be the best mom, wife, friend, that you can be!

  2. I think that parents are so hard on themselves. I definitely think it is a necessity to give yourself a break from time to time and to cut yourself some slack. Think about it… if you are able to look and criticize your parenting, you are already a better parent for having that introspective look at it. You are doing great! I am glad you have a great outlook on this! Can’t wait to share with my mom friends!

    1. Thanks so much Sonja! You’re right, if you are putting the time into analyzing your parenting, you are only trying to do better!

  3. It takes a lot of courage to admit that even as moms, you also make mistakes as you are not perfect. But I’m pretty sure you aren’t a bad mom. At the end of the day, you just want what’s best for your kids/

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are right, as mom’s we just want what is best for them…which can cause us to be a little nuts sometimes 🙂

  4. Not only do I feel like a bad mom, I’m told I’m a bad mom by the ex husband and the mother of my bonus son. I have three growing boys and a two year old girl and they are BUSY. I work from home, but I love to do things when I’m not working but everything has to be planned. And the kids will guilt me, say to their other parents that we don’t make time for them. I also have the kids do chores to earn money—been doing this for years and their other parents hate it especially since they have to spend money for screen time. But I feel they have learned so much from it and it keeps them closer to the 2-hour-tv-a-day limit. It sucks being a “bad mom” but at the end of the day I have to remember why I started everything in the first place. I started working what I do so that I can be around my kids and flexible to take time to be with them. I started the chore/ money system because multiple parenting classes I took encouraged me too. It’s for them and it sucks being labeled as the bad mom and it makes me genuinely feel like a bad mom.

    1. Hi Desirae! I have to remind myself sometimes that thinking “I’m a bad mom” is a reflection of how much I care about my parenting. It sounds like you have good systems in place that will help your kids learn the skills they need to be self-sufficient adults. As long as YOU like your reasons for doing what you are doing and they are leading to the results you would like for your family, then I think you are on the right path :-).

  5. Thank you for this. This wasn’t a cure for me but a little bit of a relief. I yell constantly at my kids and am easy to anger. I have 3 boys, 2 mentally disabled and one regular. Yes, I said regular. And even that would upset someone because I said “regular”. My oldest has ADHD and my youngest has autism. He is non-verbal. I also have a full time job, 3 dogs and 3 cats. My husband is a great provider. What aggravates me the most is I am the one that has to keep the house clean and make sure the laundry is done along with everything else. The kids DO help but I have to tell them to help and they always complain when I ask. We also don’t really go out or do things as a family due to our youngest and his autism. And everything is too expensive to try to go out and have fun. And unfortunately I don’t have any mom friends to relate to. None of my friends ever want to hang out or spend time with me. So, yeah it’s hard. We also don’t have any family. My parents and husbands parents are both gone and my siblings could care less about me or their nephews. I have tried many times to reminisce with them over the past 15 years since our parents death. Same with my “friends”. They are always too busy. Which is funny because they only have 1 child. Here I am with 3, full time job, married AND I still try to meet up with them. After many turn downs I have just stopped trying. But anyway. Thank you for this.

    1. Dear Chester, I’m so glad you found this helpful and thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m sure a lot of moms can relate. Sending you a virtual hug! xo

  6. Thank you so much for this article.
    I have always been in the chaos, the problem, solver, the fun, optimistic, silly person. The one who will go to when they’re feeling down because they know I will cheer them up. I’ve always been slow to anger.
    But I find in this season of having four kids in six years I’m burnt out most days.
    I have a very hard time relating to my 8 year old leaves me feeling so much guilt. I am the mom that also does not enjoy playing in the way they want, and I feel like I yell more than I don’t. Nobody talks about these things before parenting and it’s something I wish they did.

    1. Hi Kamber, thank you so much for your honesty! You are 100% correct, these are things no one ever shared with us about motherhood. You are so not alone in feeling this way. I like to say that us moms were thrown into a job (the most important job of our lives) with absolutely no job description. So it only makes sense that we feel really crappy a lot of the time and like we are failing! I wrote a whole blog series, Angry to Happy Mom, about this that I hope you’ll check out. I know you’ll find it helpful. You can find it here:

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