8 thoughts on “4 Ways I’m a Bad Mom”

  1. Moms are super humans. The love they show and all they do for their family and children goes beyond and above our own limited abilities! It is so important for every woman and mother to make the time to take a break now and again. Fill yourself up so you can be the best mom, wife, friend, that you can be!

  2. I think that parents are so hard on themselves. I definitely think it is a necessity to give yourself a break from time to time and to cut yourself some slack. Think about it… if you are able to look and criticize your parenting, you are already a better parent for having that introspective look at it. You are doing great! I am glad you have a great outlook on this! Can’t wait to share with my mom friends!

    1. Thanks so much Sonja! You’re right, if you are putting the time into analyzing your parenting, you are only trying to do better!

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