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How to Wake Up Before Your Kids + My Very Early Wake Up Routine

I just finished with bedtime. The kids were both sleeping. I walked down the stairs, into the living room, and plopped down on the couch. I wanted to savor this time to myself.

I turned on one of my favorite shows grabbed my phone to do some mindless scrolling. I felt like I hadn’t accomplished a lot today. I vowed to myself, as I was double-tapping away on Instagram, that I would wake up earlier tomorrow morning to start the day off right.

I checked the time and realized it was 9:15 pm. I told myself, in 15 minutes, I would power down the TV and my phone, and head to bed. When 9:30 pm came, I couldn’t find the energy to stop tapping through Instagram stories.

An hour later, I dragged myself up to bed with grand visions of how my morning would be so productive.

At the first sound of my alarm the next morning, I hit snooze. Just a few more minutes of sleep. After hitting snooze a few more times, a young child appeared next to my bed tapping me on the forehead and demanding breakfast.

“Ugh,” I thought, “another morning wasted…”

I started my morning like this for years after having kids. I would make grandiose promises to myself of how my mornings will go, only to end up sleeping in missing out on that time leaving me frustrated in the morning.

Even though I knew on the few occasions I woke up before my kids, I felt like a better person, I just couldn’t get myself to do it. It felt very defeating.

Fast forward to today – I am now waking up at 4 am almost every morning. Even on the weekends because I love this time to myself so much. Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to convince you that you need to wake up this early.

What I am going to share with you is how I went from being dragged out of bed by my kids to waking up super early with motivation and excitement to start my day. I’m also going to tell you about my waking up routine and morning routine.

How to Wake Up Before Your Kids

What Is The Challenge With Waking Before Your Kids

Depending on what season of motherhood you are in, it might feel extremely difficult to wake up before your child.

Here are some challenges you may be facing when it comes to waking up before your kids:

  • You have a child that doesn’t sleep through the night.
  • You just can’t stop hitting the snooze button.
  • You stay up way too late the night before.
  • You’re not excited about waking up early to have those minutes to yourself.

I will be addressing most of these challenges in this post.

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The Benefits of Waking Up Before Your Kids

If you really love sleep, then it may take some convincing on my part to help you see the benefits of waking up before your kids. Let me give it a try here:

You Start The Day on Your Terms

Instead of waking up to little ones asking (demanding) that you make them breakfast, turn on the TV, or just get out of bed, you get to wake up with ease and decide your next steps. Time is yours to use however way you would like.

Spend Time Doing Something You Love

Waking up before your kids allows you to spend that time doing something that brings you happiness and joy. Whether it’s reading fiction, working on your family scrapbook, or learning a new language, use this time to work on something that normally get pushed aside in the hustle and bustle of the day.

A woman reading in the morning after waking up early

You Gain Confidence

When you honor that daily commitment to yourself of waking up early, your confidence increases. I know it sounds crazy, but once you start using those quiet morning hours for yourself, you realize you could do anything when you set your mind to it.

The Day Ahead Feels Less Overwhelming

The day starts with intention when you wake up on your own terms and give yourself the time to ease into the day. You focus on what’s ahead with refreshed eyes and get your plan in place. The day will feel more attainable and less chaotic.

Less Rushing Around

There’s so much that needs to be done in the morning, especially if you work and/or you have young kids in school. Waking up before your kids ensures that you will have the time you need to get ready for the day, and therefore you are more patient with helping your kids get ready.

Helps You Stay Sane

If I still haven’t convinced you of the benefits of waking up before your kids, then just remember this – the simple act of getting a head start on your day before the kiddos wake up can be sanity saving. It will help you be more calm and optimistic when your kids do wake up because you had time to mentally prepare for the day.

How to Wake Up Before Your Kids

In this video, I’m sharing with you the process I went through to go from a snooze button addict, to waking up at 4 am.

I’ve included the minute markers so you can learn about what you specifically need help with.

1:13 – What happens when you don’t wake up before your kids

1:48 – Benefit of waking up while kids are still sleeping

2:30 – Why I started waking up at 4 am

3:00 – Finding my why to wake-up early

4:00 – What got me out of bed early

4:20 – How to handle kids waking up while your having time to yourself

4:38 – How I switched my mindset to get out of bed early

5:28 – Why I buckled down and started waking up at 4 am

5:55 + 7:06 – How I hold myself accountable to waking up at 4 am

6:52 – Using that time to do something that will make you feel good

7:35 – How your feelings come into play

7:52 – My step-by-step morning routine

9:10 – How to use your frustration to ignite change in yourself

9:26 – Find something you enjoy and commit to that

9:50 – Why I still wake up at 4 am on the weekends

10:12 – How waking up early can increase your trust with yourself

10:40 – What you may have to give-up to get that time in the morning – and it’s not sleep

12:05 – Next steps for making yourself get up before your kids

12:45 – The one thing you can do today to start getting up before your kids

How to Wake Up Before Your Kids

Set Your Mind To Waking Up Before Your Kids

As I was writing this post, I was looking for something and came upon this. I wrote this in 2017. I did not start taking action immediately to make this morning routine a reality, but I obviously had visions of how I wanted my ideal morning to go. It’s almost 3 years later and what’s written down here has become my exact morning routine. Goes to show if you set your mind to it, eventually it will happen!

A list I created that helped me wake up before my kids.

Next Steps You Can Take To Wake Up Before Your Kids

Have I convinced you yet of the value to wake up before your kids? If so, get started now with deciding on how you will spend that time. Make a promise to yourself that you will commit to getting up early for one week to do that thing you enjoy. Even if you wake up 15 minutes before your kids, that’s a start.

What is/will be your motivation to wake up before your kids? If you do wake up before your kids, how do you make the choice to ignore the snooze button? What benefits have you received from waking up early? Let me know it all in the comments below!

Before you go, don’t forget to grab your free Morning Routine Checklists. There’s one for you and one for your kiddo! Once you start waking up before your kids, these checklists will assure you don’t waste precious minutes in the morning.

Morning Routine Checklists

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