You’re not alone if you feel more angry than happy as a mom. However, you don’t have to keep feeling this way.

This journal will help you stop the cycle that leads to anger and yelling, and help you connect more with your kids.

Imagine if your kids didn’t listen the first time, and you didn’t lose your mind?

Or if you didn’t worry immensely about your child’s future, but instead, stayed present with them and took joy in the little moments together?

The Angry To Happy Mom Journal will help you transform the way you parent so you can go from being an angry to happy and confident mom.


The Angry To Happy Mom Journal is a printable, digital download. This means you have access to it immediately upon purchase. You can upload the journal on your smartphone or computer. You can also print the journal at your favorite office supply/print store. However, this is not an editable printable so you cannot type your answers into the journal.

The Angry To Happy Mom Journal is broken down into daily questions, every day, for six weeks. The journal is meant to accompany the Angry Mom blog {free} series. The journal has easily accessible links/QR codes so you can reference the blog posts.

The Angry To Happy Mom Journal also includes: tips on how to best use the journal; habit trackers; a checklist; and a quick tips reference sheet.

When you spend 5-10 minutes, daily, answering the simple but reflective questions, you will see the following results:

  • You have more patience with your kids
  • Things that used to irritate/anger you, don’t seem like that big of a deal
  • You are spending more time enjoying your kids versus disciplining them
  • You no longer feel guilt and shame around how you react to your kids
  • You feel more confident in your parenting decisions