This Routine Life’s Christmas Gift Guide for Her

If you are reading this, you’re probably a mom. This gift guide is provided for you to share with your loved ones or anyone else who is wondering what you want for Christmas?

There’s something for everyone – the fashionista, household manager, book lover, fitness fanatic, and planner.

And if you aren’t a mom, this gift guide will help you find a creative and fun gift for that very special mother in your life.

In full transparency, this gift guide is part my favorite things (a la Oprah!), and part my personal wish list. So here we go!

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Christmas gifts for This Routine Life's Gift Guide for Her

This Routine Life’s Christmas Gift Guide for Her


1. Get Your Pretty On Style Challenges or Annual Membership

Get Your Pretty On Style Challenge

I was first introduced to Alison, of Get Your Pretty On (GYPO), two years ago when I bought The Big Book of Outfit Formulas. I fell in love with clothes in my closet again, and actually enjoyed getting dressed in the morning.

The style challenges start at around $20 and are such a fun way to declutter your clothes and closet. You will also fall in love with fashion again.

Woman dressed in outfits from get your pretty on style tips
Two outfits put together using GYPO’s tips.

2. Faux Leather Moto Biker Short Coat Jacket

Just because you are a mom, doesn’t mean you can’t rock a biker jacket! This jacket is so much fun to wear with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. You’ll access your rocker chick all over again!

Leather moto biker jacket

3. Womens Warm Long Shawl Wraps

This is the perfect accessory to pair with black leggings and a black t-shirt, and what mom doesn’t have that? It’s not only stylish, but will keep you warm in the winter months.

warm long shawl wrap

4. Cozy Button Up Pajamas for Women

Nothing is better than putting on a pair of warm, cozy pajamas after running around with the kids all day.

cozy pajamas for women


5. Deebot Robot Vacuum

A vacuum may not seem like the most exciting gift, but I received this for Mother’s Day last year and it changed my life. There’s nothing like going to bed and waking up to a floor clear of dog hair and debris – magic. It cut down on my vacuuming by 90%. Plus, the kids think it’s the neatest thing. They even gave our robot a name, Roman.

Deboot robotic vacuum cleaning floors
Roman doing his thing

6. Laminator Kit 

This is high on my list. You can do so much with a laminator. Laminate art projects of your kids, pictures, anything that you want to use a dry erase marker on like checklists (one of my favorite things). The possibilities are endless.

Laminator Kit

7. Essential Oils Plus Aromatherapy Diffuser

There is so much you can do with essential oils. You can make your own cleaning products, or relieve your anxiety. The diffuser is great to use when you want your house to smell nice, but not overpowering.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

8. Ugg Women’s Slippers

If you are a homebody like me, you need these slippers. They are the most warm and cozy slippers around, plus they have a rubber sole so you can step outside if need be. Any mom would be overjoyed to receive these.

Ugg Women's Slippers

Book Lover

9. Clip On Book Light

If you love to read in bed, then you need this adorable clip on book light. Read as late as you want without disturbing your partners sleep 🙂

Clip on book light

10. The Book Lover’s Journal 

For the serious reader who wants to keep track of their thoughts on books read, as well as what they want to read next. You will find book journaling helps you process what you read.

Book lovers journal

11. The Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club

I’m a fan of the What Should I Read Next podcast with Anne Bogel. When I found out she offered a book club membership, I practically jumped for joy.

The Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club is for the true book lover who desires a community to discuss her current read with, but might not want to attend a traditional book club. This membership also offers classes about writing, and author chats.

12. Backrest Lounger

I have one of these and it has taken the backache out of reading on the couch or in bed. Not only does this help out my back, but it has a built in reading light, and will give you a heated massage!! Now come on…what more could you ask for?

backrest lounger


14. Women’s Moto Legging

Get excited for your workout routine with a pair of these leggings. You will want to wear them for more than working out!

moto leggings

15. HOKA One One Women’s Running Shoe

Sneakers can make all the difference when it comes to working out! The cushioning in these sneakers lead to ultra comfort. They also add about an inch to your height!

women's running shoes

16. Fitbit Versa

I have a Fitbit Surge from way back and I still wear it everyday and love it. With the Fitbit Versa you can listen to music, check your heartrate, monitor your sleeping and a bunch of other great stuff. It’s the perfect way to track your healthy habits, especially if your are thinking about upping your fitness game after the holidays ;-).

fitbit versa

17. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

I spend a good portion of my day using these. I use them to workout, when I’m taking a walk, talking on the phone, or when the kids are driving me nuts and I want to tune it all out.

bluetooth wireless headphones


18. The Classic Happy Planner

This planner is so much fun. You can use it as is, or spruce it up with lots of planner accessories. You can add more pages if you like to make lot’s of lists (like me), or you can use fun sticky notes if you want an extra reminder.

Happy planner with pens and sticker accessories
My planner with all my accessories

Check out my popular Easy Weekly Planning Routine post.

19. Notebook/Journal

You can’t go wrong with a blank notebook. This one has dotted pages so you can use it as a Bullet Journal if you prefer. Notebooks are great places to keep information localized. I use a notebook for all of my meal planning and grocery lists.

21. Felt Tip Pens

Making lists and filling out your planner is more enjoyable with pretty pens. You can also use these pens for coloring if that’s your thing.

22. Planner Stickers

You can use these stickers to decorate your planner or calendar. These are the seasonal stickers. There are also fitness, budget, and mom-life themed stickers you can buy.

What Will You Put On Your Wish List?

With over 20 items on this list that any mother would love, tell me, what are you going to put on your wish list? Better yet, pass this on to that certain someone who never knows what to get you!


Describes what type of woman would like the gifts in the 2019 Christmas Gift Guide for Her

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