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8 Checklists That Make Life Better

I love a good old fashioned checklist. The calm that comes over me after getting all my thoughts down on paper…and the rush I receive when I can cross something off – it’s amazing. Checklists just make my life better.

You can use checklists for more than just organization. Sure, I love to use a checklist to organize my mind, but you can use them for inspiration and to help you dream big for your life.

I’m sharing with you my personal checklists that I use and how these lists can help you feel more organized and excited for life.

This checklist blog post was inspired by THE CHECKLIST BOOK by Alexandra Franzen. Get the book at your local bookstore, local public library, or **order it online. I just adore her work.

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8 Checklists That Make Life Better

8 Checklists That Make Life Better

I use checklists a lot in my life. I prefer pen/pencil and paper because my mind flows easier when I am writing stuff done. When I’ve tried to use my phone to create lists, I become distracted. It’s just not as effective.

These are the lists I use. They aren’t pretty, but they are so helpful. Each checklist has a different purpose. Some help me feel organized, calm and productive, while others make me feel excited and motivated for my life.

Checklist #1: Master To-Do Checklist

I write this list out every weekend. It’s a big list of items that need to get done the following week. I basically dump task that’s swirling around in my mind onto this piece of paper.

Checklist #2: Weekly To-Do Checklist

I pull from the Master To-Do Checklist to create this list. I designate days for items on the Master Checklist, and also fill in the days with my cleaning chore for the day. As you can see, these are not fancy lists.

Checklist #3: Morning Routine Checklist

This checklist helps me from wasting time in the morning trying to remember my next steps.

If you want a checklist like this to fill in, you can grab it here.

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Checklist #4: Kinda a Bucket List Checklist

I just started doing this list a few months ago and I love it. This is the type of list where I let myself really dream and think big for my life. I try to rewrite this list once a week so my mind is reminded of my big goals.

What I find is that when I write these things down, as unrealistic as some of the items seem right now, my brain starts going to work to think about ways I can make it happen.

Bucket List Checklist

Checklist #5: Goals for The Next Decade of My Life Checklist

When I turned 40, I realized that I didn’t want the last half of my life to fly by without intention. I wrote down everything I really wanted for my life and who I wanted to be.

I’m not ready to share this checklist with the world just yet, but know that I keep it in this pretty notebook.

Checklist #6: To-Do Checklist for Blog

This checklist is ongoing and created daily. If I don’t have a focus when I sit down at my computer, I’m less motivated to work, and I waste time on unimportant tasks.

Blog To-Do Checklist

Checklist #7: The Grocery Checklist

I never go grocery shopping without my grocery list. This list is created weekly in my notebook using another running list of items needed that’s put together through out the week.

Checklist #8: Blog Post Checklist

This is the one checklist I have that’s on the computer. I use this checklist with every blog post I write so it needs to be recreated constantly. When I sit down to write a blog post, I am not distracted with all the thoughts about what needs to be done before the post if published.

What Checklists Will You Write?

Now that you have seen my eight checklists, I’m interested to know what checklists you use? Do you use a paper method, or do you prefer your phone or computer to keep your checklists? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. OMG I am such a list person! I write lists to write lists! I love these organizational hacks! Going to try the morning routine one!

  2. Love this post! I am often so overwhelmed by all of the checklists I have going (either in my head or on paper!) so it seriously helps to have a checklist of all the checklists!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it can get overwhelming sometimes when we have so many lists going. But it helps to organize the mind, right?

  3. I am definitely a paper and pencil kind of gal! I do use my computer for my blog because things change so often, but that’s it. I love your morning routine checklist! I do something similar the night before where I write down tasks I want to do the next day. This way I know exactly what I want to accomplish. I need to add this morning checklist to make sure I’m starting the day right. Thank you for the great checklists!

    1. There’s nothing like actually getting the thoughts out of your head and onto paper, right? I hope you find the morning routine checklist helpful.

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