The Big List of Routines for Moms

Whenever I find myself feeling that a certain part of the day is out of control, and nothing is getting done, I search to find ways to make it better. I always find it comes down to changing up my routines.

I love researching routines to see how other people spend their time and what habits they deem important to include in their routine.

If I can’t seem to find the time to get something done, like sort the mail, it’s because I don’t have the task built into a routine.

As a mom, routines help me to run my household efficiently. Routines are also important for kids. But my focus is more on you, the mom.

You will find below a variation of routines to help you get your life in order!

The Big List of Routines for Moms

The Big List of Routines for Moms

Easy Weekly Planning Routine

When you are a stay-at-home mom, you might think you don’t need to use weekly planning. But without planning, you can feel like the week passes you by and you accomplished nothing. Use these easy steps and your week will feel less overwhelmed and more organized.

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How To Plan Your Week For Productivity

This is the updated planning routine I use to dump everything out of my mind, and plug it into my calendar, one week at a time. This planning process is pretty detailed, and requires some focused work on the front end (Saturday or Sunday), so you can enjoy the rest of your week. But it’s by far, the best planning system I’ve used to date to help with productivity and quiet overwhelm.

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Weekly Planner for planning routine

Simple Grocery Shopping Routine – Helps Save Time and Money

By following this super simple grocery shopping routine, you will save time and money. Plus, this routine will eliminate the overwhelm and dread that comes with not knowing what to buy, or what you need.

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Grocery shopping as part of the grocery routine

The Morning Routine of 14 Moms

Mornings to moms can feel chaotic and rushed. Learn how to make your morning more productive and peaceful from these 14 moms who share their morning routines. Includes free mom and kids morning routine checklist.

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Grab Your Own Morning Routine Checklist (+more) to Make Your Mornings Easier

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Afternoon Routine of Stay-at-Home Mom

A day-in-the-life of a stay-at-home mom and her afternoon routine. Learn how to use your afternoon with kids at home to get energized for the remainder of the day. Includes free After School Routine Checklist.

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Little boy at library as part of the Afternoon Routine

12 Work at Home Moms Share Their Daily Routine

Take a look at the daily routine of 12 moms who work from home. See how their daily routine helps them balance work and family.

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The After School Routine that Works for Our Family

If the after school hours feel out of control and chaotic, it helps to create an after school routine. Learn the exact after school routine used with my 7 year old, and how you can create an after school routine that works for your family. Plus, six tips to create a successful after school routine.

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Boy doing his homework as part of the after school routine

The Bedtime Routine That Makes Me a Better Mom

I knew it was healthy to have a “bedtime” and abide by it every night, but struggled for a while to put this in place.  I didn’t want to give up my relaxation at night, and waking up early in the morning wasn’t enough motivation to get my butt to bed. However, over time, I learned how to create a bedtime routine that works for me, and how to stick to it!

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7 Moms Share Their Bedtime Routine

If you want to fall into a restful sleep, then you need to have a bedtime routine! As a mom, night time can feel like the only time you have to yourself. But in order for you to feel energized and ready to face the day with your kiddo’s, you need a great bedtime routine. I asked 7 moms to share their bedtime routine in the hopes that you will find some inspiration to create your perfect bedtime routine.

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Daily Routines

The Morning Routine That Makes Me a Better Mom

As a mom, your mornings can feel chaotic and out of control. The key to feeling more productive and organized in the morning is by creating a morning routine. Read about my morning routine and tips on you can create a morning schedule that that makes you feel productive and ready to face the day.

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Mom Morning Routine That Incorporates Self-Care

My morning routines seem to change as the kids get older, and depending on my goals and what I feel I need at the time. My latest morning routine incorporates a lot of self-care habits that set my day up for success.

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How To Get Into a Reading Routine

When you’re a mom, it can feel impossible to find time to read books. I share the reading routine I’ve incorporated into my daily schedule to read a ton of books in a short amount of time. If you love reading, don’t let lack of time keep you away! Check out these tips to create your own reading routine and get back into your favorite hobby.

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Summer Routine For Mom + Kids

I love the laid back days of summer, but crave consistency and routine. Without that structure, I feel overwhelmed and unproductive in the summer. This is the routine I put in place for myself along with my 7 and 9 year old. It’s a great balance of work and play for us all!

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How to Create a Fitness Routine You Love

Through the years, I’ve slowly transformed my relationship with exercise so it’s no longer tumultuous and something I use to punish myself. I now view exercise as a way to maintain my physical and mental health. In this post, I’m going to share with you the steps you can take to become someone who exercises consistently, along with my exercise routine.

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Find A Routine That Works For You

Now that you’ve had a chance to see how other moms organize their day with routines, what routine of yours will you change up? If you have a routine that you love, share it below in the comments!

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  1. I went from having 6 kids at home to now one 16 year old. But I am teaching a class “Decluttering Your Life” for ladies from church and Routines are a big part of it. I enjoy reading everything about productivity, order and routines and think this page might be very good for me to offer especially to moms with younger children. I’ll be clicking on some of the links to see what more there is. I like what I’ve read so far!

    1. Hi Michelle! I love that you are teaching a class about “Decluttering Your Life”. It really does quiet anxiety and bring more happiness to your life when you feel like everything is in order and you aren’t surrounded by chaos. I’m happy some of my posts on routines will help! Please let me know if there’s anything specific you are looking for that you haven’t found on my website 🙂

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