Products for a Smooth Morning Routine

The Best Products for Your Morning Routine

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The best items for your morning routine. Blow Dryer, Ninja Blender, Checklist, and Kitchen Timer to make your life easier.

Are Your Mornings Stressful and Full of Frustration?

I don’t know about you, but how I start my morning is a good indicator of how the day will be. On a good morning, I have time to move through everything I need to do (feeling like I really got my stuff together ;-)), and there isn’t a lot of rushing or nagging to move the kids along. I feel more calm and productive, and my kids seem pretty happy.

On a bad morning, I sleep in a little later than I want to, or spend more time sitting on the couch with my coffee and book than I should. Then I spend the rest of the morning trying to catch up from the time lost.

Basically, I act like a raving lunatic. I’m yelling and nagging to get the kids moving. I feel really frustrated with myself for not getting up earlier, or using my morning time better. I’m sure on these mornings my son really looks forward to getting on that school bus.

Therefore, I really treasure anything that helps our morning routine run more efficiently because I don’t enjoy losing my cool by 6:30 am. I’m excited to share some things I love that help make my morning routine easier!

Best Products for a Smooth Morning Routine

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

In all honesty, I only wash my hair two or three times a week. If I don’t blow my hair dry, it’s pretty lifeless and frizzy. Basically, if I am not going to dry my hair, it’s up in a ponytail or under a hat.

For the longest time I absolutely hated drying my hair. It took so much time, and my arms would get tired from holding the hair dryer and round brush. Then, within minutes of drying my hair, I seemed to lose the volume…it just seemed like a waste of time.

But one night I was watching YouTube videos, and I fell down some rabbit hole, and came across a video promoting this **Revlon hairdryer. I was in need of a new hairdryer and it was around Christmas, so I treated myself to it.

A woman with wet hair then three pictures of a woman with hair that was blown dry using the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer to make her morning routine faster and easier.

Let me tell you, I am NOT disappointed. In about 15 minutes, I have a smooth blow out with body and volume. Even though the dryer seems a bit large, it’s easy to handle withe one arm. So now I can scroll Instagram with my other hand while drying my hair. 😉

You can see in the results in the pictures above. I did not use any products on my hair other than shampoo and conditioner. My hair is shiny and smooth, and has volume.

Revlon One-Step Hairdryer

This hairdryer not only provides a good hair day, it gives me a little bit more time to spend helping my kids get ready, or doing some tidying up. I am really in love with it.

Morning Routine Checklist for Kids

After spending lots of time and energy, reminding my son to brush his teeth, pack his backpack, make his bed, get dressed, etc. I got smart and put together a checklist for him.

The Morning Routine Checklist for Kids (below) makes it so much easier to get through the morning. My rule is that he cannot play until everything on this list is checked off. This simple piece of paper has eliminated the need to repeat myself a million times while creating some independence for my son. Our mornings are less frustrating and more productive because of this.

{You will find the Morning Routine Checklist for Kids included in the FREE Quick Guide to Lessen Overwhelm + Enjoy Motherhood More. Get it here!}

To make this morning routine checklist even more convenient, I place it in a page protector and my son uses a dry erase marker to check off the items. I have to give credit to Jordan Page from for this idea. I had no clue dry erase markers work on page protectors! As you can tell from the picture above, this checklist has been used a lot.

Kitchen Timer

After repeatedly asking my kids to go back and brush their teeth, because brushing for 10 seconds just isn’t going to cut it, I purchased a kitchen timer at Wal-Mart for super cheap. I set the **timer for two minutes and they have to brush until the timer goes off.

Kitchen Timers used to monitor children brushing their teethe as part of a morning routine.

This hasn’t necessarily saved me time, but it has saved me the frustration of having to remind them to keep brushing. Plus, it gives me the satisfaction of knowing that they are brushing for the recommended amount of time and it’s becoming a habit.

Just a quick story. The boys dentist referred to cavities as “sugar bugs” and so she would tell the kids she was checking for them when they had their check up. My youngest son took this literally and is petrified that he will have sugar bugs in his mouth if he doesn’t brush his teeth. He is religious about brushing day and night. I don’t necessarily like to instill fear in the kids, but this seems to work out well for his oral hygiene.

Ninja Blender

I save myself a lot of time in the morning by having a protein shake for breakfast. Plus, breakfast food is not my favorite so I don’t mind having a shake. I love that I don’t have to take the time to sit down and eat breakfast. For me, momentum is huge in the morning so I need to just keep moving.

I used to use a traditional blender. However, the spinach was never blended enough (yuck), I had to manually push the button to blend, and there was a lot of clean up after.

The **Ninja has made my mornings so much easier. I just throw everything I want in my smoothie into the blender cup, screw on the blade, lock it into the Ninja, hit the “Smoothie” button and walk away. It blends for 60 seconds, so I can take that quick minute to grab stuff for my sons lunch while my breakfast is blending. Then unlock the blender cup, screw the top on, place my straw in and my breakfast is done! I have a really smooth (no chunks of fruit, spinach or ice) protein shake – so easy. It probably saves me 15-20 minutes.

Ninja Blender blending a protein smoothie used as part of a morning routine.

But the best part by far is how easy the clean up is. Run the blade under really hot water to remove fruit and any sticky stuff, then let it dry. I put it in the dishwasher two or three times a week.

Ninja Blender and Blender cup filled with blended protein smoothie.

Give These Products a Try for a Less Chaotic Morning

There is nothing like starting the morning out feeling calm, productive, and ready for your day. I hope you will find my recommendations helpful! Don’t forget, you can get the Morning Routine Checklist for Kids (and one for yourself), for free here!

What is one product you love that helps you out in the morning? Are you a fan of anything mentioned here? Please share in the comments below.

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